Launch of Australia’s First Stroke Ambulance

Launch of Australia’s First Stroke Ambulance

红包扫雷下载平台victorian premier daniel andrews and victorian health minister jill hennessy yesterday launched australia’s first mobile stroke unit in melbourne that will begin treating and transporting stroke patients from 20th november 2017.

the mobile stroke unit is a revolution in stroke care allowing patients to be diagnosed and treated at their home to prevent delays in administering stroke therapy where time is critical to responding to a stroke and every second counts.

the purpose built ambulance has an onboard battery powered portable ceretom ct scanner that has been supplied by lifehealthcare. the ambulance is also crewed with a stroke nurse, a radiographer and two paramedics, with stroke neurologists at the hospital to receive and analyse scans.

stroke is the leading cause of disability in australia and according to stroke foundation data, someone in australia has a stroke every ten minutes at a yearly cost of $5 billion dollars to the australian economy. the mobile stroke unit plays a material role in providing better health outcomes for victorian patients while addressing the need for improved health economics.

lifehealthcare is proud to have been involved in the launch of the mobile stroke unit and in 2018 will launch a new ct scanner that will further advance mobile stroke care by allowing physicians to scan patients’ necks and identify clots in the carotid arteries.