LifeHealthcare Intern Program 2016/17

over the last few months lifehealthcare has had the pleasure of hosting two interns, jo and helena, from the university of sydney.

during their time at lifehealthcare, our interns worked on a range of exciting projects within the marketing team including 3d printing, biologics and regenerativetissue.

jo and helena assimilated seamlessly into the business joining in at company celebrations, forming strong

partnerships with their product manager mentors and even attending a bootcamp fitness session or two!

jo joined lifehealthcare as our biologics and regenerative tissue intern. during the course of this internship jo conducted research into a series of potential products lifehealthcare could add to its existing biologics portfolio as well as assisting in discussions on their commercial viability for the australian market. each product was assessed across a number of variables including market size, market growth, value proposition, funding status and competitor analysis.

红包扫雷下载平台helena joined lifehealthcare as our product management intern.  her key focus area of research was on the patient specific implants (psis) market including global and local market trends and regulatory implications.  in doing this work helena and lifehealthcare gained a better understanding of the impact psis will have in the anz market and what is expected by customers.

feedback from our interns on their experience at lifehealthcare highlighted their satisfaction in applying the theory learned from university in a practical setting; in addition to their cross functional exposure to the business, including regulatory affairs, finance, and sales teams. highlights also included interns having a hospital visit with a senior product manager to get a realistic picture of how our products benefit patients.

last week members of our executive leadership team and operations managers had the pleasure of attending a presentation on the work they completed at lifehealthcare. these presentations were of an extremely high standard, and provided insight to the business on the high calibre of work university students with fresh eyes can deliver.

红包扫雷下载平台with summer 2017/18 approaching fast our people leaders at lifehealthcare are already working on projects for our upcoming intern intake. keep your eyes on our careers page in september for more information!